After our introduction and agreement to our proposal we will sit down with you and play a game of Risk. A test of minds and strategy. That would be fun, but onto business. We will set up a time to discuss via phone or in person to discuss your ideas and get to know your business goals and needs for your audience.

We believe that communication is key in the business relationship and will help build a concise brand voice. In this process you may even discover some more about your own business and goals.

Below are items that are covered in this phase:

Market Research

How do you fit into this industry, and who are you competing with?

Who You Are

All companies have a personality. We want to make it show and let the world see it. We can do that with a great brand and website.

What Makes You Unique

Why go with you and not your competitors?

User Experience

Who is your typical audience? Getting understanding of the pages and layouts you may want.


This is where we will go over designs and layout and get a feel of what you like and what will inspire us. Get our minds flowing with creativity.


Now that we got to know you we analyze all that information and structure it to a nice polished look. We will sit down with a notepad, yes people still use those. We will draw out a wireframe to get an idea of a rough design.

Next up is taking that piece of paper and turn it into something sexy. Flesh out the interface so that it is mobile ready in a responsive format. We will make sure that each page has a defined goal and call to action with what you want. We believe in minimal design as you see in our site, but if you like big, we can do that too.

This is our favorite part of the process as it lets our creativity flow and get to bring your brand to life.


Its time to bring it to life! We will take the design of your site after your approval and then start using our front-end skills to turn it into an amazing branding machine.

All our sites contain a Content Management System so that you will be in total control and get to manage your own content. Of course we show you how to work your website, we won’t leave you hanging.

Our sites include languages such as: javascript, php, html, css, and sass.


Your site is now ready for the World Wide Web. If you went with us for hosting no problem, if not we will need your hosting provider information. After we receive all that we prep your site for launch.

Wahha Design has a concise launch list so that we can go through your site to make sure it is ready for your big launch party. During this part of the process we educate you on how to use the Content Management System. We also attach analytics so you are able to monitor your website statistics.

This is the happy spot as we say. You get your site launched, we get our final invoice. We all are rejoicing after all this hard work in the partnership and will strive to keep that partnership. As this is the last process, it is only the beginning.