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SEO services that help you improve your page rankings and attract new customers. We’re for businesses looking for a one-stop-shop for search engine marketing and internet marketing.

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SEO Process

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We need to know a little about you and your business and that is what the discovery session accomplishes.  We will discuss your goals and what your business is trying to achieve with SEO.

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After the discovery session, we will meet again and go over a strategy along with a proposal on what it will take to implement that strategy.

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Wahha Design will continuously monitor data on how your SEO strategy is working and will produce you with monthly reports along with quarterly meetings.

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Once we agree on our strategy, we will begin implementing the SEO strategy that we created for your business. This is all based on your goals and the strategy that Wahha Design came up with to reach your goals.

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SEO Questions

  • What is SEO?

    SEO is short for “search engine optimization.” It is the strategy of improving your website’s visibility when they search for services or products that correlate with your website. The better visibility in search results the higher chance you have to attract prospective customers.

  • Why SEO is important?

    SEO is important due to the ever-growing size of the web. Businesses are competitive and they want their brands to be seen more and attract more customers. SEO helps with this by increasing rankings on your business so it has higher visibility and more recognition.

  • Are SEO services worth it?

    SEO is well worth it.  Think about it this way, it would be more cost-effective to rank for a keyword or phrase vs paying for it to show up each time and someone clicking on it as PPC does.  SEO is a long-term solution that helps drive down additional ad costs that you would have to pay to show up. Also, your competitors are doing it and to stay competitive you should too.

  • How SEO and PPC work together?

    SEO and PPC both have similar end strategies. They are to get your business noticed. SEO focuses on organic, non-paid, rankings.  While PPC focuses on quick and short-term solutions to show up for specific key terms that users are searching for.  PPC helps SEO by showing ads at the top, but if they also see you at the top organically it increases the odds of visitors.  The keywords for both can work symbiotically and allow both strategies to work better. Let’s not forget, the increased brand awareness.

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Run a free audit to check how well a page is optimized for its target keyword. You will get information on every crucial issue that might affect the page's rankings along with relevant SEO fix recommendations.

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