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Bring Your Vision to Life with our Website Development Services

Get cutting-edge web design and development services under one roof. Whether you need to create a new website or update an old one, we can provide innovative and effective digital solutions. We are a web development firm with an excellent track record of customized web solutions.

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Did you know that web design and development can boost your conversions? That’s right! And Wahha Design brings you the most professional web design and development services. Our experts can build a customized, responsive, and scalable website that best fits your business needs. Can’t wait to leave your competitors behind? Get started today!

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Why Choose Wahha Design?

At Wahha Design, you will find technical expertise like none other. Add to that thorough research, creativity, and strategic planning, and you have the perfect website development team. Whether you need a website with a stand-alone frontend framework or integrated into an ERP, CMS, or CRM, we are here to help. Here’s what we have achieved so far.

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Web Development Services We Offer

Outsmart your competition with the best-in-class website development solutions. Our web design and development services include:


CRM Integration

Give your customers the user experience they deserve! Get end-to-end support for all your CRM integration needs. We are a web development agency that puts your needs first. We make sure every element we design helps boost your business.


WordPress Development

More than 43% of websites on the internet use WordPress. And our website development team brings you the best of WordPress development. Our web developers can build customized feature-rich themes, find the best-suited plugins, and monitor your website performance.


PHP Development

We specialize in PHP web development. And we know you need a website that performs better, not just looks better. Fortunately, with our website development services, you get BOTH. Gear up to experience fast, flexible, and pragmatic PHP solutions.


Websites Maintenance

A high-performing website needs proactive maintenance. Our web development team knows how to keep your content fresh, page loading speed high, and your UX intuitive. We will do everything to keep your website running smoothly while you can focus on growing your business.


Shopify Development

Join the top brands with Shopify-based online stores. Our professional web development includes Shopify solutions tailored to your needs. With our result-driven, creative web solutions, your Shopify store will start growing quickly and efficiently.


BigCommerce Development

Embrace the future of e-commerce with our BigCommerce development services. Whether you need to build a store from scratch or optimize your existing one, our BigCommerce developers can help. Get ready to bring your ideas to life with our expertise.


WooCommerce Development

Get conversion-focused WooCommerce development solutions. Create, optimize, and maintain an e-commerce store to boost your sales. Let our experienced, skilled, and creative WooCommerce web development team help you.


Web Hosting Server Setup & Maintenance

Get the perfect hosting solution for your website. Whether you have a stand-alone website or a full-scale online store, we can find the best hosting solution for you. Combined with our web development support, it will help your website work seamlessly.

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How we do it

Our Website Development Process

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Your website needs to reflect your USP and your brand voice. That’s why we like to kick off the website development by knowing a little about you and your business. We will find out how our expertise can help your business. This is what our discovery session accomplishes.

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Strategy and Planning

Strategy and planning are where we define precise deliverables for your project. It determines various factors involved in your website development journey. Remember, strategizing helps reduce costs, avoid delays, and ensure better results.

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We will send the final website for your approval. Needless to say, it will go through stringent checks before getting finalized. We will keep updating you at every step. When you are happy with everything, it’s time to make your website live.

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What’s the point of planning the smallest details if you don’t implement them? Once the strategy is defined and cross-checked, we will begin to implement it. First, we will design your website, and after your approval, we will begin the web development.

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Client’s Testimonials

Todd Godbey
We knew very little about the “how” of building a site and did not speak internet at all. Wahha Design was able to take our ideas, suggestions and “what I had in mind” and translate those into a clean, high functioning site that is easy for us to update and maintain each month.
Todd Godbey
I was charged with the task of producing the show and creating an internet presence that gave seniors full access to every show’s interview, information and direct access to each guests full line of services. Without hesitation, I turned to Wahha Design, whom I had initially met through his work with Living Out Loud Magazine several years prior. I knew he was keying in on our specific needs and understood both the direction we wanted to take and our budgetary constraints. Wahha Design not only produced a product that is exactly what we needed, but a product that is user friendly and easy for me to update with podcasts, bios and weekly broadcasts blogs. I couldn’t be more pleased with our end result and already have another project I plan to discuss with Wahha Design in the near future.
Bob Clark
Wahha Design did a great job on my site. They were very efficient and I was extremely happy with the end product. I am in the process of planning some upgrades in the near future, and Wahha Design will be the one I turn to for these changes.
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Web Development Questions


  • Why Web Development is Important?

    It’s your digital storefront.  People have turned to the internet to find services that they need.  Not many people will know about your business without a website these days. Your digital storefront leaves lasting impressions.

  • How long does the website process take?

    Our normal website build process takes 90 days from meeting to launch.  This timeline can be completely different from your project. Many delays come from the client side due to a lack of communication or resources not provided that is needed to keep the process going. We stay on schedule when you stay on schedule. It’s a team effort.

  • What is the average cost of a website?

    It’s hard to find the average as you have a gigantic range.  For the entire project from start to finish, a website would range from $10,000 to $150,000.  We know all businesses are different and we don’t want those prices to scare you. Most common websites fall in the lower range.

  • What should I do after my site is launched?

    Wahha Design highly suggests getting on maintenance and marketing plans.  We include hosting for the first year and after that is a yearly rate. All our maintenance and marketing plans include hosting if you sign on for a full year.

  • Do you offer web development from scratch?

    Yes! Our website development services cover all bases- right from inception to launch. We’ll sit down with you, learn about your brand, and strategize a blueprint that fits your requirements like a glove. Next, we’ll implement our plan and launch your website for the world to see!

  • What to Consider When Outsourcing Web Development?

    Outsourcing your web development needs can be crucial to your business. You must account for several factors before deciding on a potential candidate. A few things to consider include:

    • Skills
    • Ways of communication
    • Company culture
    • Resources and technology
    • Industry experience

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