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Increase Sales with Mobile-Friendly Website Design

How to Increase Sales with Mobile-Friendly Website Design

February 18, 2023
We live in a mobile world. Wifi access is nearly universal in public spaces across the United States, and internet usage has shifted from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones. This in turn has driven changes in how consumers interact with the digital realm. Some of these changes are large and obvious, some are subtle, but all are ongoing and evolving. Understanding the role that mobile device culture plays in how potential clients find and choose your business is a must if you want to stay on the cutting edge of your industry. Increasing sales with a mobile-friendly website design is an important manifestation of this understanding. The proliferation of mobile devices has reached saturation. Per studies by the Pew Research Center, nearly 97% of Americans own a cell phone, with 85% of all Americans owning a smartphone. This means, the majority of consumers out there have a smartphone as a component in their day-to-day life. Further adding to the importance of mobile-friendly website design, US consumers spend more time with their smart devices. American consumers spent nearly 40% more time on their mobile devices daily than they did three years prior, with an 8.9% increase from 2021 to 2022 alone. This is a sea-change in our collective relationship with the internet and with communication in general, and it shapes every aspect of digital marketing including website design. So how does mobile-friendly website design increase sales? What makes a mobile-friendly site such a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal? Well, Google and other search engines have started to prioritize mobile-friendly website design in their search results. This means that a mobile-friendly design is now an important part of search engine optimization (SEO), along with content and regular updates. Put bluntly, if you want your business to appear in search engine results, a mobile-friendly website is now a must-have feature. This works in conjunction with the user experience and user expectations. Consumers are now overwhelmingly likely to encounter your website on a mobile device of some kind first, rather than on a desktop or laptop. By implementing a mobile-friendly site design, you’ll help ensure a positive user experience which in turn will help move more sales through your funnel. So, how can you ensure that your website is both mobile-friendly and offers the design, aesthetics, and content that your business needs? Creating a quality website is a blend of art and science, and at Wahha Designs we offer a cutting-edge approach to website design along with all aspects of digital marketing. Your business deserves to succeed, so get in touch today, and let’s discuss what we can do for you. 
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Marketing: How Does It Increase Sales?

February 15, 2023
The marketing component of a business's success is perhaps the most neglected and undervalued. Marketing budgets are notoriously the first thing to get cut when cuts are needed, and often the last thing to be refreshed when funds come in. The reality is that marketing affects every aspect of your business and is a foundational factor in your venture’s success and sustainability. Skillfully designed marketing plans will help you more effectively manage and develop your business. So, how does marketing increase sales? What can marketing do for my business? Here are some answers to these questions that will help you find marketing solutions. There are several goals in an effective marketing campaign, one of them is to increase sales by building, developing, and projecting image brand to your intended audience in an effective way. This is easy to say but requires skillful professional implementation in order to succeed. Branding, brand creation, and visibility are always changing, and staying on the leading edge of their evolution is a must for successful marketing.  In addition to branding and brand visibility, marketing increases sales by improving and sustaining client/customer engagement. In the current connected society where mobile devices are part of our lives, effective marketing takes advantage of these tools, networks, and ways of communication to keep the eyes of both potential and current clients on your business. Effective contact with your customers, accurate message, and easy communication with your target audience increases sales and indeed your business success.  As an extension of the above point, digital marketing is the most effective marketing tool. Digital marketing is not a fad; it’s a must for business success on any level. It increases sales with maximum return on investment, and optimized use of time and resources. Among the marketing tools available to businesses of all sizes, digital marketing offers the widest variety: email marketing, social media marketing, website design and SEO, mobile device marketing, PPC, and native advertising are all strategies that your bussiness can leverage. So, how can your business to take advantage of the powerful tools offered by digital marketing to increase your sales?? Wahha Designs offers various marketing solutions for businesses seeking to improve their brand awareness, lead conversion and most of all increase sales. We craft the marketing strategies that your business needs and then make them a reality, maximizing your investment and building your long-term success. Get in touch today, we will be glad to discuss your needs and how we can reach them.
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Brilliant Ideas for Social Media Campaigns

10 Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Social Media Campaigns

December 23, 2022
With Christmas just around the corner, your business is probably gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year. But even with all the twinkling lights, jingle bells, and gifts, the holidays pose a unique challenge for most marketers, devising effective social media ad campaigns for Christmas.  Make no mistake, the Christmas season is the perfect time to ramp up your bottom line. In fact, retail sales during 2021’s holiday period grew to $886.7 billion, 14.1% over 2020.  But to make this happen, you’ll need to delight your audience and engage them first. And what better way to do this than give your social media marketing a festive feel? 

10 Stunning Social Media Campaign Ideas to Try This Holiday Season! 

Not sure where to start? We can help. Here’s your handy holiday content guide to brilliantly designed Christmas social media posts.  Let’s dive in! 

1. Post a Christmas Countdown 

Everyone loves the run-up to Christmas, and that’s where a Christmas countdown can help your case. Not only do they draw a ton of attention, but they can also let your clients know what to expect from you this season. Countdowns are also great for image-heavy platforms like Instagram when you want to inject some holiday spirit into your social media campaign ideas. You can design your brand’s Christmas countdown using:  
  • GIFs that align with the festive theme and your unique visuals 
  • Short-form videos, such as Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, to announce and share updates for the ongoing countdown. 
Needless to say, there’s more you can do with your social media posts during Christmas. All the options can get a tad overwhelming, which is why we suggest you consult a digital marketing services company like Wahha Design right off the bat. We’ll sit down with you, understand your requirements, and strategize posts for social media that deliver results! 

2. Create Christmas Videos 

Videos still top the charts as one of the most shareable forms of online content. So, if you’re looking to strike big with a viral post, videos should be your go-to.  Think about the nature of your business and the message you’d like to share with your audience. Combine your concept with strong visuals, and you have the perfect video right there!  Also, remember to invoke some emotion in the audience, whether it’s humor, nostalgia, empathy, or anything in between. This strategy is more likely to inspire users to share the content.   A word of advice, because full-fledged video production takes time and manpower, smaller businesses and startups can also upload bite-sized social media videos. These don’t need much editing and are quick to make. 

3. Post Informative Holiday Content  

Most customers love information, and it keeps them engaged for a long time. What’s more, your followers actively look for presents this time of year. Hence, it makes perfect sense to develop a sophisticated gift guide for your business. Based on your products, you can create separate gift guides for men, women, and children.  Guides aside, you can post articles on festive shopping, Christmas décor ideas, holiday outfits, and easy DIYs. Readers are sure to enjoy any information that makes it easier to plan their activities during the festive season. 

4. Inspire User-Generated Content  

User-generated content has always been a big part of social media marketing. Customers often find it more genuine because it isn’t purely promotional content- instead, UGC is created by members of your target audience. This helps build credibility and ensures a loyal user base.  The holiday season is the perfect time to leverage user-generated content for your social media campaign ideas for the holiday season. Encourage your followers to participate in your campaigns using a branded hashtag.   For example, you can run a contest where users submit photos or videos of themselves with your product. The most innovative video/photo gets an attractive prize!  The best part about UGC is that it’s entirely organic. There’s no need for expensive ads to kick-start conversations about your product. Plus, you get to interact with users, so it’s a win-win! 

5. Design and Post Christmas Cards 

Even if your brand is small, you must build strong relationships with clients. A creative Christmas card with warm wishes can help you express gratitude and show how much you value your clients. It’s enough to turn a follower into a loyal customer!  Feel free to experiment with different styles to create your very own, unique, never-seen-before Christmas card. Or, you can also take a more traditional route by choosing conventional holiday images. The possibilities are endless! 

6. Host a Giveaway 

Given how Christmas is all about the joy of sharing, you can use this time to build brand awareness and increase referrals. How? With a giveaway, of course!  A holiday giveaway is a fun way to get your users involved and excited about your brand. Additionally, they’re known to perform incredibly well on social media. After all, who doesn’t like to win?  You can do one big giveaway or several small ones, depending on your budget. Things like branded hats, t-shirts, merchandise, or gift certificates to your online/physical store are popular giveaway items, as people tend to seek this stuff on social media all year round.  

7. Decorate Your Social Media Profiles 

What’s Christmas without the proper decor? We recommend you spruce up your social profiles with festive graphics themed around your brand’s purpose. Don’t just put up a random picture of Santa or reindeer- tie it into what you sell or offer.   You could also create an online advent calendar where users can access exclusive content each day leading up to Christmas Eve. The goal is to invoke the festive spirit with your social media posts while maintaining your brand’s core visuals! 

8. Share Delicious Recipes 

Who said you have to be in the food industry to post Christmas recipes?   Recipe-sharing is a fun and interesting way to shake up your Christmas social media posts and offer something a little more personal to your audience. Posting your favorite recipe for holiday dips, rolls, meats, or drinks is a warm way to connect with your clients over food. 

9. Dress Up Your Products 

You don’t always have to publish gift guides to connect your products to the festive season. You could also create a narrative telling people that Christmas won’t be quite special without what you bring to the table.  Show your users how your products fit into the Christmas theme by arranging a photo shoot in a holiday-inspired background. Or, you could leverage the power of editing and produce an interesting video of your product in a Christmas setting. This doesn’t have to be too extensive, a few props, colors, and fonts should be enough to make the desired impact. 

10. Bring It Together 

Your holiday social media posts can get more traction if you bring them all together. For example, you can post and highlight different images from your gift guide in separate social media accounts rather than sharing the same link and picture everywhere. These social media posts will tie to the same piece of content- the gift guide- but offer value in different ways to different audiences, thereby pulling more eyes to your guide overall.  

The Bottom Line 

The key to a great Christmas social media campaign is to harness the essence of the season- the spirit of sharing, joy, family, and togetherness. Use the ideas shared in their post to drum up engaging content for your socials. Be sure to sprinkle everything with a good bit of Christmas cheer to spread the joy further!  Tap into the festive spirit with Wahha Design’s social media campaign ideas for Christmas! Our full-service digital marketing agency will work with you to ensure you make the most of this special time. For more information, call us today!
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Over-The-Top Advertising

What is Over-The-Top Advertising?

December 19, 2022
Marketing is always evolving and keeping informed and mission-capable is the hallmark of a successful marketing professional. Lately, a number of new trends have emerged in the field, further reshaping the ways in which marketing and advertising function in the context of streaming video. OTT advertising is getting a great deal of attention lately—and for good reason. Also referred to as over-the-top advertising, OTT advertising offers an effective and accessible approach to reaching your target audience. But what is OTT advertising, and how can you make it work for you and your business?

OTT Advertising Meaning and Definitions

While television advertising is nearly as old as television itself, OTT advertising represents an adaptation to the streaming age. OTT advertising draws its name from the over-the-top video content, defined as any streaming content delivered directly to the view on demand via an internet-based service. This approach to content bypasses traditional broadcast and cable TV providers in order to reach the viewers directly and deliver exactly the content they want when they want it. OTT advertising changes the relationship between the viewer and the content, and thus in turn transforms the ways in which marketing and advertising function on television.

How OTT Advertising Works

The potential and power of OTT advertising are vast, and will only continue to grow as conventional television, both broadcast, and cable, yields market share to streaming services of all kinds. This is an opportunity for advertisers and their client businesses to utilize new tools in reaching the desired audience via the unique strengths OTT advertising brings:
  • Better audience targeting: OTT advertising takes advantage of the tracking and consumer research capabilities built into streaming services in order to more effectively target audiences. With OTT advertising, audiences can be tailored by age, race, gender, income, location, viewing habits, purchasing habits, and more. This ensures that your advertising goes where it is most effective, every time.
  • Increased audience engagement: As an extension of its audience targeting capabilities, OTT advertising also leads to increased audience engagement when compared to conventional or legacy advertising. OTT advertising meets audiences where they are most interested and most invested, and thus transitions them into your overall marketing ecosystem far more quickly and efficiently.
  • A more effective marketing budget: Targeted, tailored, and well-crafted OTT advertising and a targeted, well-defined audience help to ensure that your marketing budget is spent more efficiently, with a greater ROI than ever before. OTT advertising ensures that both your marketing plan and your marketing budget remain adaptable and agile as your business develops.
OTT advertising transforms the relationship between the target consumer, the medium, and the message. In an internet-driven world with a media culture focused on mobile devices and streaming services, OTT advertising is rapidly becoming a vital tool for successful marketing.  However, there’s a great deal more to OTT advertising than putting an ad on a streaming service. So how can you make OTT advertising work for you and your business?

Wahha Design: Making OTT Advertising Work for Your Business

Effective OTT advertising involves crafting an OTT marketing campaign that suits both the needs of the medium and the client business’s goals. There are a number of technical and stylistic considerations here: are the ads of appropriate length and format? Are they mobile-friendly? Are they relevant to the audience in question? For that matter, have you correctly identified the target audience?  Wahha Design has the answer to these questions and more. With a proven track record and a bleeding-edge approach to digital marketing, Wahha Design understands both OTT marketing and how to make it work for you and your business or brand. High-quality content, professional implementation, and an innovative approach all come together as Wahha Design delivers the success you need. Get in touch today, and we’ll schedule a consultation.
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How Bad Web Design Can Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

How Bad Web Design Can Affect Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

December 05, 2022
We get why you love your website. You’ve probably spent weeks perfecting it- right from conception to launch. It’s been molded in your vision to impress friends and visitors alike. But if you’re struggling to gain a substantial audience after putting your back into web designing, you might have a case of ‘good idea, bad execution’ on your hands. In today’s digitally driven world, a robust web design is far more than a status symbol. Positive user experiences, good content, and usability or the lack thereof- can seriously impact your bottom line. Neglecting your website has real-world consequences- but many entrepreneurs do not fully realize the extent of the damage. News flash: Your business can only grow so much without a constantly evolving audience. And a poor website may deter users from trusting you completely. This isn’t the only drawback of a poorly made website. Let’s walk you through six other ways ineffective web design can hamper your digital marketing campaigns.

1. Higher Bounce Rates Due to Slow Load Times

Any good webmaster knows the pitfalls of a slow website. 47% of consumers expect a page to load in two seconds or less, meaning anything longer can dramatically affect your traffic. People have little patience for a slow-loading website, especially when there are plenty of other options available. They won’t hesitate to click away from a competitor if your site speed is lacking. To top this, slow page load times can severely impact your search engine rankings, primarily because it's hard for Google to crawl and rank adequately. In some cases, you may be disqualified despite checking all the SEO boxes. Fortunately, it's easy to resolve this problem. There are plenty of ways to improve your website speed, including:
  • Caching web pages
  • Using a content delivery network
  • Reducing image sizes
  • Boosting server response time
You can also monitor your page speed using tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights to bridge gaps as they arise.

2. Lack of Credibility and Trust

It takes seconds for people to judge your website. Even if you do manage to keep their attention for longer, your site’s look and feel will continue to influence their opinion of you. Your business could be as legitimate as any other in your niche, but not giving enough visual cues to the average browser will hamper your credibility big time. In other words, websites that look hastily put together seem suspicious from the get-go. Unnecessary animation, stock photography, spelling errors, and other unsavory virtual clutter can contradict your brand identity and cause people to lose faith in you. That’s why it’s important to invest enough time into your web design and ensure it matches up to current trends. Without it, your other digital marketing solutions may go to waste.

3. Crushed Marketing Efforts

Most website users have pretty high hopes for usability. They expect it to adapt seamlessly to multi-sized screens, contain relevant information, and be easy to access. However, when you don’t scale up to their expectations, you risk driving them away. Because Google prioritizes mobile performance while ranking websites, there’s no excuse for having a non-responsive web design. Unless your website operates as flawlessly on mobile as it does on desktop, you’ll have trouble building an organic audience. The same goes for valuable content. If you don’t publish effective blogs, articles, and stories that can rank, you won't appear in more niche searches. Great content can help you find a wider audience and establish you as an authority on your subject. A poorly designed website can hold you back and crush other digital marketing efforts. Be sure to work with a professional web design services company to get the best ROI on your site. A seasoned web design and development agency will be able to analyze your unique situation and put you on the right path.

4. Outdated Appearance

A website you don’t update frequently does more than hurt your SEO. A dated site tells your audience that you’re behind the times, or worse, that you don’t consider your customers a priority. Visitors could assume you’re out of touch with industry advancements, or you’re neglecting other areas of your business too. And if your site looks like it belongs in the 90s, there’s every chance they’ll think you’re no longer operational. Don’t let bad, outdated, and sloppy web design drive customers away. Consult a digital marketing company or web design services provider to breathe new life into your site and bring it up to speed with the times.

5. Lost Customers

Every time a frustrated visitor exits your site- whether triggered by broken links, complex forms, or confusing navigation- you probably won’t see them again. And where do you think they’ll go? Your competitors’ websites, of course! If a rival site looks better, informs better, and establishes trust faster, you will lose potential clients to them, no questions asked. No amount of word-of-mouth referrals and positive reviews can offset the cost of bad web design. That’s why we recommend you size up other industry Goliaths and figure out what they’re doing right. This way, you’ll know what to change and adapt to get your site on track.

6. Lost Revenue

A website’s primary role is to generate leads and increase conversions. You want potential customers to find you, take action, interact with you, and ultimately buy from you. But this will only happen once your website fits user expectations and industry standards. Otherwise, you might end up paying your hosting services provider without getting much in return.

The Bottom Line

Web design is a labor of love. Your website is bound to face issues now and then, but taking prompt action can prevent them from snowballing out of control. Now that you know the dire consequences of bad web design, you can whip it back into shape. Need help with web design? Look no further than Wahha Design! Our digital marketing company offers web development services to clients across multiple industries, such as business, education, government, and health. We create innovative digital solutions tailored to your unique needs. For more information, feel free to reach out to us today!
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Create Successful Digital Advertising Campaigns

How to Create Successful Digital Advertising Campaigns

November 15, 2022

Digital advertising is no longer the future–it’s our current reality and a must for any business wishing to succeed. Digital ads can increase brand awareness by 80%. This is a seismic shift in the advertising landscape compared to even twenty years ago. Relying on outdated approaches centered on conventional media is a serious risk for most brands. Creating and executing successful digital advertising campaigns is a vital step in building the success of your business, at any level and in any field.

So how can you ensure that your digital advertising investment is doing all that it can? There are a couple of key steps in how to create successful digital advertising campaigns that apply to nearly every business that can fast-track your online marketing to real ROI.

  • Form a digital content strategy: the first step is always “plan the work”, and in this case, that means formulating a digital content strategy that captures both your brand and services while targeting the appropriate audience in an effective way. This sounds like a tall order–and it can be–but it’s necessary for creating a successful online advertising campaign.

  • Set measurable, definable goals: It's easy to fall into the trap of outdated thinking, assuming that digital advertising is a nebulous online marketing strategy that’s difficult to define. The reality is that to ensure positive ROI on your online marketing investment, your digital advertising campaign has to have measurable, well-defined goals and benchmarks and then has to hit them, every time.

  • Develop–and convey–a compelling, creative message: A digital advertising campaign is your chance to project your brand, your services, and your unique approach to your industry. In order to do so, your message has to come across in a creative way that moves the target audience to action. A professionally crafted digital marketing campaign captures the essence of your business and its message. It then projects it to the world in a way that engages the right audience on a fundamental level.

  • Craft content that works: In digital work, the medium is the message, and your digital advertising campaign needs to reflect this reality by creating and projecting effective content. Be it text, still, photo, video, or web design, the content that fuels your campaign should also fuel the imaginations and engagement of its audience. Working in harmony with your overall marketing strategy and your brand as a whole, content is the heart and soul of a successful digital advertising campaign.

  • Professional execution makes it happen: It can be tempting to run your digital advertising on your own, but the reality is that this media space is always evolving, interwoven with technical knowledge, and reliant on cutting-edge approaches for success. In order to stay ahead of the curve and at the top of search engine results, a cohesive professional touch is required for a successful digital advertising campaign.

With these steps in mind, one question remains: How to Create Successful Digital Advertising Campaigns? At Wahha Design, our goal is simple: to enhance your business or brand with our innovative approach to digital media and marketing. In building your online brand presence, including successful digital advertising, we’ll make full use of our knowledge and skills to channel all the best current approaches to successful digital advertising and brand storytelling. With our detailed knowledge of the digital marketing space and our creative flair, we’ll capture and convey your message to the relevant audiences in the most effective way possible.

Your business needs digital advertising that sets you apart from the competition. Get in touch today and let us set you on the path to success.

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Does My Business Need a Website

Does My Business Need a Website?

October 31, 2022
Let’s start by answering the question: yes, your business needs a website. While it’s tempting to think that your business is too small, too niche, or too well-established to need a website, the fact is that a carefully managed digital presence is an absolute must for your business’s success and sustainability. So let’s segue from there to a series of questions: why does your business need a website? What role does a website play in your business? What are the benefits of having a business website?  Traditionally, a business’s website functions as a digital storefront, showcasing your business, projecting what it has to offer, and letting your prospective customers get a taste of the experience they’ll have with you. However, the internet has evolved; mobile device culture and the “internet of things” have become the norm. This in turn shapes the role your website plays, and if anything heightens its importance for your business in a number of key ways:
  • Search Engine Optimization/SEO: While social media and other forms of digital content play a role, the fact is that a well-constructed website is foundational to good SEO. By stacking content and structure in your favor, a good website helps keep your business visible to search engines, placing you at the top of the results for critical search terms. This in turn helps potential clients and customers find you quickly, easy, and directly.
  • Credibility and Authority: As noted earlier, your website is still in part a digital storefront, and an aesthetically pleasing, professionally made site goes a long way towards showing the quality of service you offer to your clients. By projecting credibility, authority, and quality above and beyond your social media presence, your website can help move prospective clients through the funnel and into a beneficial relationship with your business.
  • Branding and Aesthetics: In most industries, new clients and customers are most likely to first encounter your business online. With that in mind, your website becomes a cornerstone in establishing your brand image, your aesthetics, and in projecting them to your target audience. A professionally designed, updated, and content-rich website can be both informative and engaging, introducing your target audience to your business, your brand, and what you have to offer.
  • Client Communication and Customer Service: We live in rapidly changing times, and odds are good that your business has to move and adapt with them. A good website lets you post updated information quickly and easily, enables clients and customers to find answers to common questions, and provides a faster alternative to customer service phone calls. This creates an all-around better experience for both your staff and your clients or customers, enabling smooth and steady daily operations.
  • Lead Generation: Bringing new customers or clients into the fold goes beyond good search engine results–a good website facilitates good lead generation as well. A properly designed website can pique the interest of potential customers while making it easier for established customers or clients to refer new ones to you.
For all of these reasons and more, websites are no longer a nicety–they’re a must have for any business wishing to succeed. Your website can help you stand out from your peers, appeal and connect your business with the right audience, engage new clients or customers into your pipeline, and enable positive communication within established professional relationships. At Wahha Designs, we know how important your business is to you, and how important a website is to your business. Bringing our established, cutting-edge skills to bear, we’ll create the website you need to elevate your success and keep you at the forefront of your industry. The time to get started is now, so schedule a discovery session with us today
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Tips to Create a Winning Brand Strategy

6 Tips to Create a Winning Brand Strategy

October 19, 2022
Whether you’re a fresh startup or a well-known corporation, you need effective branding to secure your business’s future. Following some tips to create a winning brand strategy would help to create a positive brand image that contribute establishes your target market, build brand equity, nurture positive client engagements, and set you apart from the competition. Many business owners equate their brand’s image to its visual identity: the name, colors, logo, message, and product design. However, the essence of your brand goes much deeper. Your brand is your company’s reputation. It’s what customers first think of your personality and values. That said, a brand is only as good as the strategy behind it. Because customer perceptions shouldn’t be left to chance, you must pull all the stops to create an intentional, well-crafted, and carefully tended brand image. Without a unified character, everything from your content to your culture and core business will suffer. That’s where brand strategy development comes in. But building a robust brand strategy takes time, and it certainly isn’t something you can master overnight.

6 Tips to Create a Winning Brand Strategy

If you've yet to dig in and do the work, here are six brand strategy development tips you must use.

1. Identify Your Most Distinguishable Attributes 

First, ask yourself this: why should consumers buy from you if there’s a similar business across town? Think about the immediately recognizable benefits of your product/service. For example, maybe you deliver groceries in under ten minutes, or maybe your restaurant opens early to serve patrons working graveyard shifts- something few others would do. Whatever the case, zero in on a few words that best describe your offerings, and more importantly, distinguish you from the competition. Unless you’re bringing something unique to the table, there’s no reason for customers to favor you over a similar business.

2. Create a Buyer Persona 

By definition, a buyer person represents an ideal target customer. It has less to do with demographics and more with real people: what they do in a day, their likes and dislikes, and what social media channels they use, among other things. Using a buyer persona can make it easier for you to create brand awareness strategies that successfully connect with your perfect customer. Remember, you can’t market to everybody. The narrower the focus, the more effective your branding efforts will be. Generally speaking, here’s some of the data your buyer persona should include.
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Household Income
  • Daily activities
  • Possible reasons for buying your product
  • Associations with causes
  • Directions and frequency of usage
  • Possible reasons for not buying your product
  • Preferred modes of communication
Once you have all the data you need, utilize it to posit yourself as the best company your customers can come to for their needs.

3. Analyze Your Competition 

Your market competitors are other companies who can serve the needs of your target audience. Usually, they are grouped into two categories.
  • Primary Competitors: These sell the same product/service as you.
  • Secondary Competitors: Also known as indirect competitors, these companies do not sell your product/service but provide something that can replace your offerings.
Simply identifying your competitors isn’t enough: you will also need to analyze their behavior. Take note of what your biggest market rivals are doing right- and what they aren’t doing yet. How are they presenting themselves to customers? What’s their reputation amongst customers? Answers to these questions can help you bridge the gaps in your brand marketing strategy.

4. Carve Out a Niche Brand Identity 

In this phase of the brand strategy development process, you’ll have to build a solid foundation for your business’s personality. This usually involves fine-tuning your:
  • Purpose: Why does your business exist, apart from turning profits?
  • Vision: Where is your company headed?
  • Mission: How does your brand plan to create that future?
  • Values: What principles guide your behavior?
A word of caution though. Several small companies write mission statements that say they’ll ‘value’ their users and provide ‘excellent’ customer service. In most cases, however, this is just big talk. Instead of making tall claims, think about how you’ll execute your brand’s promise and meet consumer expectations. Not only will this streamline your advertising campaigns, but it’ll also establish how your employees must interact with customers.

5. Focus on the Visuals 

Our brains are incredible at remembering pictures. When we hear information, we’re only likely to retain 10% of it three days later. But pair a relevant image with the audio, and the fraction shoots up to 65%. Given how images impact the human brain, it only makes sense to whip your brand’s visuals into shape. Everything from your logo and typography to your color scheme and web design can influence the way consumers regard you. Need help? Here are a few ways to ensure your visuals are communicating the way they should.
  • Keep it simple. It’s best to focus on one message at a time to let consumers take in as much information as possible.
  • Tell a riveting story. Visuals might grab attention, but it’s the stories that draw people in.
  • Balance consistency and contrast. If possible, chalk up well-documented brand style guidelines to ensure each visual element looks like part of the same brand.
  • Know when to step back. Sometimes, less is more.

6. Launch, Track, and Adjust 

Now that you have all your elements in place, it’s time to implement and monitor your brand strategy. It’s crucial to measure performance and see how your customers respond to your various metrics. Do you need to make any changes? Is there anything else they’d like to see from your end? Only by tracking the entire process can you draw the right conclusions and make adequate adjustments.

The Bottom Line 

There you have it- six standalone tips to create a winning brand strategy to drive the growth and profitability of your business. Remember, having a concrete, well-researched, and appropriately managed brand strategy can bring more leads and boost your bottom line. The more you focus on branding, the better your chances of outshining your competition and becoming a trailblazer in your vertical. But brand strategy development is a time-consuming affair- something most business owners cannot accommodate on their plate. That’s where Wahha Design can help! Our expert brand strategy services will help you create and communicate a positive market identity that keeps you ahead of the curve. For more information, feel free to reach out to us today!
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