Stay Competitive With Innovative Franchise Marketing

Franchise ownership is an increasingly popular option among American entrepreneurs and investors and with good reason. Franchises offer solid potential for a great ROI and long-lasting profits, are accessible as a business option, and are flexible in implementation. However, franchise ownership is not necessarily a turn-key investment or “easy money”–a successful franchise requires the same kind of care and management that a “from scratch” business demands. A key factor in the success or failure of any franchise is marketing, and innovative franchise marketing makes full use of the many tools and avenues available in contemporary marketing. It requires an informed, cutting-edge approach and consistent effort and execution.

The Components of Franchise Marketing

So what comprises innovative and effective franchise marketing? Several steps need to be undertaken to ensure that your franchise is getting the marketing it both deserves and needs to succeed. Marketing is a way of enhancing and protecting your investment; one that should not be overlooked when planning your franchise’s establishment and growth.

There are many things to consider in effective and innovative franchise marketing. They may vary depending on the nature and location of your business, but these are some universal components:


  • Understand the role of brand marketing: Whether your franchise is part of a nationally recognized chain or something more regional, you’ll be working with the branding and marketing of the parent company. While that has many advantages–a built-in reputation, broader promotion, and brand creation–the reality is that their focus is different than yours. They work to develop the brand as a whole, while you’re concerned with–and responsible for–the success of your franchise. 
  • Localize your marketing approach and marketing content: Given the nature of many franchises, you’ll likely be part of a national brand but engaged with a local audience. Localized marketing, carefully targeted and well-executed, can help ensure you reach that audience, connect with them, and bring them to your door.
  • Community engagement via marketing leads to community success: The brand may be national but, again, your franchise is local. As part of a local community, community connections, and engagement are an important part of innovative franchise marketing. This can take many forms–hosting events, sponsoring local sports teams, or catering/supporting community functions. By crafting a marketing approach that engages with your community, you’ll set your franchise on the road to success.
  • Digital marketing is key to franchise success: the days of digital marketing being a niche tool or an “extra” are long gone. In the contemporary marketing space, digital marketing is a vital component of successful strategic marketing for businesses of all kinds–including franchises. By building and maintaining an effective website, appropriate and effective digital content, up-to-date SEO, and a vibrant social media presence, you’ll help ensure that your franchise will succeed and build value, giving you the return you deserve. 

Wahha Designs: Innovative Marketing Solutions for Your Franchise

Success for your franchise starts with effective marketing–marketing built with your unique goals and needs in mind. Wahha Designs understands that each individually owned franchise is on its journey, and we work with you to construct a marketing plan that helps you to establish your franchise’s success and grow with your business. Your franchise is both an investment and a labor of love, and we’ll bring our innovative, cutting-edge marketing skills to work for you. Get in touch today and let’s talk about how we can help ensure your franchise becomes everything it can be. 

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