The Role of Fractional CMOs in Franchise Growth Marketing

Even a cursory glance at business-oriented media reveals that fractional CMOs are very much in the news. Often touted as an “alternative to conventional marketing agencies”, fractional CMOs offer several potential advantages for startups, growing businesses, and franchises. The role of fractional CMOs in franchise growth marketing is of particular interest given the current business climate, and a close examination of the benefits of a fractional CMO to franchises showcases the strengths of this emerging approach. 

What is a Fractional CMO?

Let’s start by defining what a fractional CMO is and what they do. A fractional CMO is a chief marketing officer who works part-time for a business, generally a startup or smaller company. Fractional CMOs make a living by dividing their time between various businesses, hence the use of the word “fractional”. While the role of the CMO has been well-understood for quite some time, a fractional CMO is a relatively recent evolution of that position and is still defining itself. By bringing on a fractional CMO, businesses can get the help they need in a flexible, cost-effective way. 

Benefits of a Fractional CMO for Franchise Marketing

Whether they’re just getting started or are well-established, franchises face their own unique set of challenges when it comes to marketing. This is especially true in the digital marketing space, which is complex and ever-changing. With that in mind, the services of a fractional CMO can be a huge benefit to franchise marketing, offering many possible advantages:


  • Flexibility. Hiring a fractional CMO is a flexible approach to filling your marketing needs, rather than taking on a full-time CMO and the associated expenses. For a franchise or a startup, this additional flexibility can aid in growth.
  • Cost-effective. Fractional CMOs enable franchisees to get the most out of their budgets, providing a trackable ROI when it comes to marketing, digital marketing, and advertising. KPIs are easy to identify and track, making the role of a fractional CMO easy to quantify. 
  • Scalability. The role of a fractional CMO can grow and change with your business, allowing you to get the help you need, as you need it. This is especially important for franchises, which are often subject to rapid growth once established. 
  • Expertise. A fractional CMO offers all the advantages of an experienced, established marketing expert while sparing your franchise the expense of hiring one full-time. You can get advanced marketing expertise as you need it, which offers a vital advantage in an increasingly digitally driven marketing space.
  • Integration and cohesion. A fractional CMO functions as an internal member of your team, meaning that their efforts integrate more smoothly and cohesively than an outsourced marketing firm. A fractional CMO is thus in your corner when you need them, offering the support to help your franchise succeed. 
  • Holistic marketing solutions for your entire business journey. Unlike temporary outsourcing or other outside support, a fractional CMO can provide guidance and marketing solutions through your franchise’s journey. From initial concept to a fully established business, your franchise will have the support of a CMO. 

The Role of Fractional CMOs in Franchise Growth Marketing

Finding A Fractional CMO for Your Franchise

Despite all the advantages offered by fractional CMOs, identifying a reputable and reliable one isn’t always easy. A good fractional CMO brings a great deal to the table: marketing expertise, a cutting-edge understanding of the digital marketing space, and the ability to understand your business and its needs. This may seem like a tall order, but powerful options exist for fractional CMO services. 

Wahha Designs understands the role that a fractional CMO plays in the growth of both franchises and other business models. We bring the understanding, acumen, and personal attention that you need to get the most out of our fractional CMO services and see your business thrive. Schedule a consultation today and we’ll discuss how we can work for you in building the success your franchise deserves. 

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