What is Over-The-Top Advertising?

Marketing is always evolving and keeping informed and mission-capable is the hallmark of a successful marketing professional. Lately, a number of new trends have emerged in the field, further reshaping the ways in which marketing and advertising function in the context of streaming video. OTT advertising is getting a great deal of attention lately—and for good reason. Also referred to as over-the-top advertising, OTT advertising offers an effective and accessible approach to reaching your target audience. But what is OTT advertising, and how can you make it work for you and your business?

OTT Advertising Meaning and Definitions

While television advertising is nearly as old as television itself, OTT advertising represents an adaptation to the streaming age. OTT advertising draws its name from the over-the-top video content, defined as any streaming content delivered directly to the view on demand via an internet-based service. This approach to content bypasses traditional broadcast and cable TV providers in order to reach the viewers directly and deliver exactly the content they want when they want it. OTT advertising changes the relationship between the viewer and the content, and thus in turn transforms the ways in which marketing and advertising function on television.

How OTT Advertising Works

The potential and power of OTT advertising are vast, and will only continue to grow as conventional television, both broadcast, and cable, yields market share to streaming services of all kinds. This is an opportunity for advertisers and their client businesses to utilize new tools in reaching the desired audience via the unique strengths OTT advertising brings:

  • Better audience targeting: OTT advertising takes advantage of the tracking and consumer research capabilities built into streaming services in order to more effectively target audiences. With OTT advertising, audiences can be tailored by age, race, gender, income, location, viewing habits, purchasing habits, and more. This ensures that your advertising goes where it is most effective, every time.
  • Increased audience engagement: As an extension of its audience targeting capabilities, OTT advertising also leads to increased audience engagement when compared to conventional or legacy advertising. OTT advertising meets audiences where they are most interested and most invested, and thus transitions them into your overall marketing ecosystem far more quickly and efficiently.
  • A more effective marketing budget: Targeted, tailored, and well-crafted OTT advertising and a targeted, well-defined audience help to ensure that your marketing budget is spent more efficiently, with a greater ROI than ever before. OTT advertising ensures that both your marketing plan and your marketing budget remain adaptable and agile as your business develops.

OTT advertising transforms the relationship between the target consumer, the medium, and the message. In an internet-driven world with a media culture focused on mobile devices and streaming services, OTT advertising is rapidly becoming a vital tool for successful marketing. 

However, there’s a great deal more to OTT advertising than putting an ad on a streaming service. So how can you make OTT advertising work for you and your business?

Wahha Design: Making OTT Advertising Work for Your Business

Effective OTT advertising involves crafting an OTT marketing campaign that suits both the needs of the medium and the client business’s goals. There are a number of technical and stylistic considerations here: are the ads of appropriate length and format? Are they mobile-friendly? Are they relevant to the audience in question? For that matter, have you correctly identified the target audience? 

Wahha Design has the answer to these questions and more. With a proven track record and a bleeding-edge approach to digital marketing, Wahha Design understands both OTT marketing and how to make it work for you and your business or brand. High-quality content, professional implementation, and an innovative approach all come together as Wahha Design delivers the success you need.

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